Why use a professional decluttering or home organisation service?
With the pressures of juggling home, family and work, a disorganised, cluttered home can seem overwhelming. It can take the sympathetic eye of a third party to help you rationalise and organise your home.

What are the benefits of decluttering?
Reduced stress and increased control: a sense of pleasure and pride in your home environment for you and your family and friends

Who needs a decluttering service?
Anyone who feels overwhelmed, or is going through a significant life change such as moving house, having a baby, divorce or bereavement

Where do I start?
Start in the area that bothers you most as you will feel a sense of achievement straight away

How long will it take?
Decluttering sessions usually last about 5 hours as it can be a physically and emotionally draining task

How can I maintain an organised house?
I offer a maintenance package of monthly visits if needed, to help you stay in control


What is home staging?
Home staging is the art of preparing your house or flat for sale or letting, to maximise its market value. It involves cleaning, de-cluttering, making repairs and reorganising and depersonalising the space, to create a welcoming home which sells faster.

How much change is really necessary?
Often just a few, inexpensive changes can make  the difference. Removing clutter and reorganising rooms can create the illusion of space; cleaning and refreshing the décor can make your house or flat seem lighter and more welcoming. A full home makeover is rarely necessary.

Is home staging worth the cost?
The cost of home staging is considerably less than reducing the sale price or accepting a lower offer – so yes, absolutely!

Can I do it myself?
Yes – but it helps to have knowledge of what prospective tenants and buyers like and expect. And if you’ve lived in your home for a long time, sometimes it takes a detached professional to help you see what changes are possible, and unlock your home’s full potential. If you want to do it yourself I also offer a low-cost option: a detailed room by room appraisal and action plan


How much does it cost?
Consultations are free, followed by an initial costing and action plan.

What areas do you cover?
I’m based in South East London. I’m local to Herne Hill, Dulwich, West Norwood, Crystal Palace, Brixton and Clapham, but cover locations all over London and beyond.